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  Denis Dalesio is a painter from Norwalk, Connecticut. He received his B.F.A in painting from Lyme Academy College of Fine Arts in 2016 and is currently a M.F.A candidate at the New York Academy of Art. He is also a founding member of the international art collective 404. As a painter he uses compositional elements such as obscure cropping, distortion and design to direct the figurative narratives taking place; These themes are often existential questions which explore decay, isolation and human connection. In order for the imagery and material to

  correspond, he uses a variety of reductive techniques such as sanding, scraping, carving and glazing to obtain a layered surface; By doing this he doesn’t hide the hand of the artist and allows for the thought process to be shown in the work.During the “Codex Project” his intentions are to document thoughts and ideas on his painting process. Allowing the sketchbook to be a place of exploration, scrapbooking and note taking during his first year at his Graduate program

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