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Elise Broadway, born 1993 in Dallas, Texas, is a painter, sculptor, and performance artist currently based in  Dallas, Texas (USA). She has recently graduted with a MA in Painting from the  Royal College of Art (awarded a distinction for her dissertation) in the summer of 2019. Elise's work is autobiographical and builds on a mixture of Texan cultural iconography, dark humor, and deeply personal, introspective imagery as a self-therapeutic mechanism that shifts between catharsis, deconstruction, and healing. She currently works primarily with drawing, hand-sewn and painted sculptural works, and large-scale fabric instillations. Elise’s recent public work in London, UK commissioned by the RCA and the curator of the Tate Contemporary entitled ‘Transitional Object: Quilted Wall’ was created in conjunction with the Imperial College of Medicine to look at mental health in young populations and promote destigmatization of negatively regarded psychiatric conditions.

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