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   Megan McGlynn is an artist and experimental designer with a background in architectural design. She received a BFA from the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts and an MA in Contemporary Design from Aalto University. Originally from Philadelphia, she now lives and works in Helsinki, Finland. McGlynn’s artwork is inspired by natural and man-made geometries, and is heavily line-based. She is currently researching the use of nanocellulose in art and design applications. 



   I used to draw people all the time. Somewhere in art school I became self-conscious about it, I felt my drawings were too decorative and accessible. For eight years I focused solely on architectural abstraction. The Codex Project was a chance to free myself of all the usual pressures to make something ‘good’ or to work in a style instantly recognizable as my own. I drew whatever felt exciting, and that turned out to be people. This sketchbook shows my process of learning to draw figures and faces again. All source material was taken from social media, where models abound.

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