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Milo Hartnoll (born 1990 in London) studied Illustration at The University of Brighton, experimenting with a variety of media before deciding to focus on oil painting full-time by the third year. Post-degree, Hartnoll was awarded a scholarship place for two years at the Draw Atelier in Brighton, after which he obtained a studio at The Phoenix, Brighton.


  Hartnoll’s paintings predominantly exist to ask questions of the language of paint, to examine the medium’s ability to effectively communicate and express intention, and how it can further be evolved. The work is often experimental in nature, with the figure and portrait being a predominant subject matter for this exploration. Besides technical interests, themes revolving around what it means to be human, inquisitions of reality and preconceptions, and error’s role in progress, permeate Hartnoll’s work.


  In 2018 he co-founded an international online figurative painting collective, The 404, and is working with them to develop projects and expand painting; to see how the art form can exist and take advantage of living in a post-internet environment.

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