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   Seattle based multi-disciplinary artist Seth Sexton creates meticulous pen and ink drawings. Central to his work are repetition, pattern, and meditation; expressed through the accretion of circular marks into concise states of order. The obsessive application of circle forms gives the viewer an acute sense of time and duration; some of his works taking months to complete. The circle transcends into a dream-like meditation where the mundane becomes profound. The resulting images suggest natural and biological forms emanating specificity and sacred geometry.



   The images are iconic, abstract, and craft-like. They are at once, reminiscent of reliquary, Morrocan tribal rugs, and Aboriginal dream paintings. They are symbolic maps, plotting a course from the inner workings of the body to the stars in the heavens. All of this while exploring the circuitous path between, biology, psychology, and spirituality, where mental order and counter-order are often at the crux. 

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