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Installation View, page sample from SaraNoa Mark,The Codex Project, 2020-2021. Documentation by Adrian Cubillas.

The Codex is an intensive project and exhibition of 19 artists, who are annually invited to create authentic, open-ended artwork individually within a bound book over the course of a year. 

Organized and founded by artists Kaitlyn Basta and Mostafa Darwish in 2018, the Codex Project is a long-term project, with the first of what became an annual exhibition in January of 2020. In partnership with lead fabricator and co-founder Bryan DeProspero, photographer Adrian Cubillas, and gallerist Evan Slepian of Works on Paper Gallery in Philadelphia, PA, the Codex Project seeks to support a community of artists with innovative ideas and who are recognized as having a strong sense of authenticity in their work.

Selected participants for the Codex Project work by hand in distinctive styles and methods. The exhibition will display books as pieces in themselves, rather than as supplements or preliminary studies to larger work.

The book's use as a composition is a deliberate choice. 


The project’s organizers encouraged participants to treat the pages as finished works, to utilize all their books’ pages, and to expand their own sense of quality in their work in whatever sense that means to them. It is an intensive project with only these limitations. The project is meant to encourage artists to question what drives and challenges them, inviting proactive change and potential in as many ways as possible.

By showing the artists' books together in the same format, we hope to strengthen the idea that the pursuit of quality work is equal, and the differences between the pieces inside them shows how quality is self-defined. 

2022 - 2023 Artists

March 2023

Rita Bernstein

Laura Denzer

Michael Gallagher

Jose Gonzalo Garcia

Karim B Hamid

Jenna Hannum

Patricia Ingersoll

Masaharu Imamiya

Katie Kaplan

Julia McGehean

Gladys Nobriga

Keith Petersen

Jonathan Pinkett

Jennifer Pochinski

Sarah Thompson

Michael Ward-Rosenbaum


2020 - 2021 Artists

September 2021

Adam Amram

Martin Beck

Michael Benedetti

Nicholas Di Genova

Eustace Mamba

Kemeys Geothe

Maren Hassinger

Hollis Heichemer

Sterling Shaw

SaraNoa Mark

Kate McCammon

Megan Mcglynn

Christopher Otto

Tara Sabharwal

Seth Sexton

Omid Shekari

Jeffrey Stockbridge

Zachary Dale Simonson

Ben Zawalich

2018 - 2019 Artists

January 2020

Claire Ball 

Kaitlyn Basta

Astrid Bowlby

Elise Broadway   

Hillary Butterworth 

Ivana Carman

Adrian Cubillas  

Denis Dalesio 

Mostafa Darwish 

Bryan DeProspero

Justine Ditto 

Milo Hartnoll 

Diego Hiromi 

Seppe de Meyere 

Maisie O'Brien

Hà Ninh Pham

Joseph Rodriguez

Stuart Shils 

Megan Webb 

Codex Project


Mostafa Darwish               Founder, Lead Organizer,                                                 Curator, Coordinator 


Kaitlyn Basta                     Founder, Lead Organizer,                                                 Curator, Coordinator

Bryan DeProspero             Co-founder, Lead Art

                                           Fabricator and Exhibit

                                           Technician, Curator

Evan Slepian                      Art Appraiser and                                                             Gallerist at Works on                                                       Paper Gallery   

Adrian Cubillas                 Photographer

Mathilde Pateau                Graphic Designer (2020)

Ahmed Shawky                 Graphic Designer,


Michael Ward-Rosenbaum     Directors Assistant

                                                 Guest Curator   


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